Today is an excursion to the Black Hills via Rapid City, SD on the schedule. It starts just on the ramp to the freeway: Visitor Center of the Minuteman Historic Site , Every 80s child's nightmare. Watch "The Day After" and/or "Wargames" once more. This is the original, not a movie. Shortly aftwards the disarmed silo of a Minuteman ICBM.

Second stopp is the Chapel in the Hills in Rapid City, SD. The re-construction of a wooden church after original plans from Norway.

From there I was heading to the Black Hills. First Mount Rushmore, then Crazy Horse

Half the way, the radio starts buzzing and the National Weather Service interrupts the radio program: Tornado Watch. Okay, business as usual, far away from "Seek Shelter Now". Eventually, there was no Tornado. But rain. Lots of rain. Started just as I was leaving Crazy Horse and stopped just before sunset. I was almost back to my tent. The reward was the picture of my life. Never could get that red before. For about three to five minutes, the light was unbelievable.

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